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History Now journal

It’s the middle of June.

I’m guessing most of you are not missing your classroom yet. But if you’re like most teachers, eventually you’ll need a history fix. You’ll need to start planning for next fall. You’ll need to pick up a book or a journal to learn something new.

And when you do, come back here because here’s the link you need:

Gilder Lehrman’s History Now journal

Published four times a year, History Now is an excellent online journal designed for teachers of history and social studies. Not as dense and academic as your typical history journal – I’m looking at you OAH Journal of American HistoryHistory Now is practical and immediately useful.

Every issues has four or five readable articles around a specific theme. The most recent? Electing a president. Past issues focus on music, the Cold War, American Indians, sports, Andrew Jackson. You get the idea.

Each issue also has four to five ready to roll out lesson plans that revolve around the issue’s topic. And what history teaching journal would not be complete without four or five primary source documents with helpful integration tips? And yes, History Now is an American history journal but articles are so well written you world / geography / government / econ folks will still get something out it.

So hang out for a few more weeks in your hammock. You’ve earned it. But when you start jonesing for a little something, head on over History Now.

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  1. shannonjoe #

    This might be just what I’ve been looking for to use with my 6th graders in history INSTEAD of the textbook all the time. Thanks for the resource!


    June 17, 2013
    • glennw #


      I think 6th graders would love some of these articles and lessons. Good luck!


      June 18, 2013

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