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My new fav iPad app – Oyster: “It’s Netflix for books!”

We all know Netflix. Hard copy DVDs delivered to your door and on-demand, online video streaming. Depending on your account type, it’s basically unlimited access to video content, anywhere / anytime. Pretty wesome stuff for minimal amounts of money per month.

Is it possible to do the same thing with books?

Oyster says yes.

The new app lets you “rent” unlimited books for $9.95 per month and access them on your iPhone or iPad anywhere / anytime. Think Netflix for books. Pretty sweet.

No limits on how many books can be on your shelf or how long they sit there. No problems with wait lists that might happen when “checking out” ebooks via your local or state library. No download issues or special software that has to be installed. Just swipe to browse, click to select, tap play to read.

You can also search by author, title, keyword, or genre. There is also a semi-useful related titles feature available when you’re looking at a book’s information. Right now there are over 100,000 books to mess with – with more on the way. You also get some social media features that allow you to connect with others via Twitter, Facebook, and email. See what your friends are reading and what’s on their “titles of interest” list.

While I’m struggling with direct connections to the classroom, Oyster is the sort of tool that will continue to improve and continue to appear over the next few years.  And off the top of my head right now, the app is a great way for you to access fiction and non-fiction stuff for personal and professional growth.

Currently, access to Oyster is invite only. Head over, sign up for an invite, and in a few days, you should be able to set up your account with a credit card.

Oyster app

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