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8 Hunger Games lesson plans, resources, and activities


November 14, 2014
Uploaded a post with links to Hunger Games lesson plans and resources with a focus on social justice.

Past Posts:

March 26, 2012
I added a post concerning the Hunger Games series with links to lessons plans and more maps.

September 2, 2010
Original post focusing on geography


If you’ve been under a rock for the last few years and haven’t heard, The Hunger Games trilogy is kind of a big deal. The books and movies have created quite a buzz. For my son, Harry Potter was a huge part of his growing up. But for many of today’s tweeners and teens, including my daughter, The Hunger Games series is the storyline that has been part of their growing up years.

And with the second movie coming out in a few months, you can take advantage of the intense interest to introduce a wide variety of social studies topics into your instruction. Geography. Regions. Governmental power. Civic disobedience. Propaganda. Economics. Supply and demand. The list seems endless.

But if you’re stuck a bit coming up with specifics, check out some of the lesson plans, resources, activities, and worksheets listed below:

Hunger Games Lessons
Start here. Has gone commercial a bit but you can still find nice stuff like this lesson comparing The Hunger Games to The Lottery.

The Odds Ever in Your Favor: Ideas and Resources for Teaching The Hunger Games
Great article with ideas, suggestions, and resources for using the book as a learning tool.

Hunger Games Unit
An entire unit on the Teachers Pay Teachers site. Extensive resources. You’ll have to decide for yourself whether it’s worth the $15.99 asking price.

Lesson plans and teaching resources
A sweet list of 13 lessons, links, and materials

Hunger Games Propaganda Posters
A bit tongue in cheek but love the idea. Find even more when you use Google Images. Compare with actual posters from WWI and WWII.

The Hunger Games Challenge
Students use evidence from the text to infer what might have led to Panem, the postapocalyptic world of The Hunger Games with free download.

Hunger Games Resources for Teachers
From Scholastic. They’re trying to sell books but still some nice stuff here. Be sure to check out their Hunger Games Resources page.

The Hunger Games
From Schmoop – the easy to use, 21st century version of Cliff Notes.

And a few extra bonus bits:

Virtual Tour of Panem’s Capital
Interactive and engaging.

Hunger Games Gender Empowerment lesson (pdf)

Hunger Games Advertising / Commercial lessons (pdf)

Hunger Games – Lesson plans, worksheets, and handouts
A quick History Tech post from 2012 just before the first Hunger Games movie was released. Some sweet Panem maps.

Pop Culture, Hunger Games, and Geography
The first HistoryTech Hunger Games conversation.

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  1. We did a neat Hunger Game unit last year…basically we pitted the students vs 18th century kids. Scenario was you could only bring what you could carry from your house with you into the “woods.” Who would win? We created 5 different scenarios and the kids explored different outcomes.

    October 10, 2013
    • glennw #


      That’s a great idea! Kinda like that TV show that pits different military groups against each – i.e. US Marines vs. Roman Legions.

      So? We gotta know! Who won?


      October 10, 2013
      • Most picked the colonial kids 🙂 Basically, take away electricity, and today’s kids would lose every time. Came down to a difference between what one could find out, vs, what one could do. Very interesting assignment actually…showed today’s kids have potential, but without that little computer today’s kids can’t do much of anything. Put me in a situation where I need the folks around me to help me survive, I am not taking the guy who can write teh best paragraph or score the highest on the standardized test.

        October 14, 2013
      • glennw #


        Just read an article this morning describing how the current school environment discourages the making of stuff, of being creative. Nothing really new – standardized testing and a focus on content kills problem solving skills. That’s why your idea sounds so awesome! It forces kids to solve problems and recognize strategies that don’t work.

        Very cool. Kudos my friend!

        (And, yes, I love my daughter but she would not stand a chance in an sort of contest vs. 18th century teenagers!)


        October 14, 2013
      • The article is correct…I did not do the activity this year, and will not be able to do it next year when I will be told what my end of the unit “performance tasks” are, Blah…

        October 14, 2013
      • glennw #



        October 14, 2013
  2. Heather Lancaster #

    Anyone done a lesson using the Hunger Games to teach either the Bill of Rights OR basic ideals of a command economy (compared with communism)? For example using text to identify violations of the Bill of Rights (cruel and unusual punishment; jury of peers; freedom of speech; freedom of assembly/protest). Do not want to recreate the wheel!

    March 11, 2014

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