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National Geography Awareness Week

I know most of you already know this but for the few still in the dark?

National Geography Awareness Week starts in 10 days.

Yep. Exactly. That’s barely enough time to get ready. So . . . this is a heads up. Start getting ready.

This year’s theme is The New Age of Exploration and runs from November 17-23. Celebrated in conjunction with the National Geographic Society’s 125th birthday, the week’s theme focuses on how geography enables us to be intrepid explorers in our own way. Check out the newly created archive of past Geography Awareness Week materials, a new suite of resources all about geography as a field and discipline, and even more tips and tools at the official GeoWeek website.

You’re gonna find resources for all ages with activities and lessons that can be easily blended into your instruction.

You’ll also want to squeeze in activities on GIS Day. GIS Day falls on the Wednesday of Geography Awareness Week every year. Go to for even more free materials, a map of events taking place near you, and ideas for planning your own event. You can register your event and receive free stuff to give away.

And since you’ll already be on one of the best geography sites of the Interwebs, you might as well spend a little time browsing through National Geographic’s huge cache of lessons and resources. And their cool map stuff. Cause geography is not just a week in November, it needs to be something that’s a constant part of your instruction.

Need some help brainstorming ideas and activities? The folks over at the Kansas Geographic Alliance would love to help. A quick email and you’ll have the KGA knocking down your door with suggestions. And if let them know how you participated in Geography Awareness Week, they will send you a free map of your choice and enter you to win a very sweet atlas as a grand prize.

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