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History Nerd Fest 2013 – Using primary sources to create ePUBs

Saturday morning. 8:00 am. Must. Have. More. Coffee.

Steven White and Hilary Harms should not go out and buy lottery tickets. Any one who gets selected to present on Saturday morning have no luck whatsoever.

But they have an interesting topic so they should be okay. I love using primary sources and I love using iPads. Perfect storm. Plus there’s only like 10 of us awake at this hour so we’re getting some one-on-one instruction.

Steven and Hilary are sharing ideas for using primary sources to create something called a multi-genre story.The idea seems to be that an ePUB book contains both text and multimedia elements. They’re starting by showing how this type of activity is aligned with Common Core ELA standards.

Hilary is doing a great job of explaining how elementary students can begin selecting sources to use as part of their final project. She suggests that teachers require kids to select different types of sources. She demo-ed a list of categories that forces kids to have a wide variety of stuff.

She also discussed different types of final products that kids can create:

document genres

They suggest a couple of different tools to use for creating ePUBs:

  • Book Creator app for the iPad
  • iBooks Author on the Mac
  • Pages on the Mac

Some other ideas that I’ve used before:

Some other resources that I think might help you:

Suggestions for primary sources?

(You might also try a list at Social Studies Central.)

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