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MappingWorlds and looking at the world differently

I’ve been on a map kick recently.

Recently might be a bit relative. Recently and maps for me means since sometime during the early 1970s. But over the last few week, I have perhaps can a little past the normal map crazy.

And thanks to Lisa and her recent comment, I’ve gotten hooked on a whole new set of tools. Called MappingWorlds, the site offers users a new way to look at the world by resizing countries on the map in relation to a series of global issues. For examples, you can view which states have the most Big Foot sightings (Kansas – 26) or which states have the largest budget shortfalls (Kansas – $137 million). Users can then download data sets, maps and animations which can be shared across the Internet through websites, blogs, and email.

Created by a Dutch group, MappingWorlds provides a great way for kids to see data in a way that makes sense. We can talk about how many people live in China and India but when a kid sees those numbers via a MappingWorld graphic, deeper understanding starts to happen.


You can look at data for both the US, the world, and for some reason, Japan. So . . . you’re able to show the number of Sumo wrestlers by perfecture if you want.

Seems like a great place to start asking really good questions for your kids to noodle through.

(A similar site to look at is WorldMapper.)

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    What a cool resource!!

    January 20, 2014

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