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100 books to read before you die (and a few more)

Amazon phrased it a bit differently when advertising their most recent list:

100 Books to Read in a Lifetime.

But I think my title puts a bit more urgency into the process. As in . . . get on it. You don’t have a lot of time left. Start reading cause you could get hit by a bus tomorrow.

However you want to view it, it’s a fun list. And for someone like me, a person who loves books and lists, this is perfect. Of course, the GoodReads people saw the need to edit the list using suggestions from their readers. Get that list here.

Jonesing for more? Try the Huffington Post’s 30 Books to Read Before You’re 30 and the New York Times 100 Greatest Books of All Time.

All of this book goodness got me started thinking about books I’ve read over the last few months and which ones have the potential to make some list somewhere. But I quickly figured out that what I’ve been reading lately probably won’t ever crack the Greatest Books of All Time list.

So I’m making my own list. I’m calling it The Books Glenn Read in the Last Few Months That Are Pretty Good, Fairly Useful, And Mostly Engaging But Will Never Make the Greatest Books of All Time list. It’s not a long list so feel free to add to it in the comments.

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