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iPad App Task Challenges – Alpha versions

It’s Podstock week. I’m sure you’re all coming, right? I mean, it’s Podstock. Nobody wants to miss that. Part of what I’m doing for the conference is to present a quick three-hour iPad 101 workshop during the pre-con and then host a digital make-it, take-it session.

The idea is that we review the basics of the iPad – the settings, buttons, multi-finger gestures, App Store, default apps, etc – in the morning and then facilitate a fun, supportive sandbox where participants can work together to actually use their iPads to create stuff. Stuff they can use at a personal level and in their classrooms.

We’re calling the afternoon sessions iPad Learning Labs and decided that we would provide a series of challenges as a starting point for participants. By working with a bit of structure and with others, teachers can practice hands on learning in a safe environment. The cool thing?

There are others out there doing the same sort of thing. Different people are calling it different things – App Challenges, Task Challenges, iPad Challenges. But the idea is the same. Provide just enough structure and just enough information for teachers to jump in and get started but not enough information to finish the task without having to talk with others and to struggle a bit. TechChef4U got the ball rolling with some of her early work but Craig Badura from the beautiful state of Nebraska (my wife’s family is from Aurora) started putting together some nice App Task Challenges last winter and got noticed by Tony Vincent. With their permission, we’re going to be using some of their very cool stuff with our teachers this week.

But we also put together a few of our own and so I’ve posted some of those below. Nothing super fantastic, really just alpha versions – I threw them together in an afternoon using Pages and Keynote – but feel free to use them as long as the ESSDACK logo / contact info stays with them. I’m hoping to make some more with a focus on Social Studies integration ideas – in fact, my challenge on Wednesday is to find a way to easily create them on my iPad. I’ll let you know how it turns out. ipad basics challenge

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