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A boatload of Chromebook goodies

I’ve always been an Apple guy. Way back in the early 80s, I got started on an Apple IIe and nine-pin matrix printer before spending a few years in the wilderness with a clunky HP laptop.  I’ve been part of the MacBook world ever since.

And while I don’t see myself moving from my MacBook / iPad / iPhone trifecta, some recent experiences with an Acer Chromebook might open up a bit of space somewhere in the margins for a JV player. I started playing around with my Chromebook this summer and have had the chance to work with some teachers over the last few weeks. Ease of use, Google Classroom, GAFE, handy Google Store apps all make the Chromebook a nice option for both individual and instructional use.

If you and others in your district are playing with the idea of using Chromebooks or are already in the pool, here are a few goodies that might help you along:

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  1. Hey Glenn, thanks for sharing these resources. I too have been exploring Chromebooks, in particular checking out how they can support students with diverse learning needs. Thanks for giving me more resources to explore!

    August 22, 2014
    • glennw #

      Glad there were some useful stuff. Good luck!


      August 22, 2014

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