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Mobile Google upgrade: Slides for iOS completes the trifecta

Yeah, I know. Not the most engaging title. But it’s been a busy day so . . . just a little brain dead.

But not so dead that I can’t appreciate the coolness of the latest update from Google. Back in the day of the first iPad and even into the iPad 2, Google Docs wasn’t really an option. Stuff didn’t work well on the browser version and there wasn’t an usable app. But over time, you just knew Google would step it up.

And with the move from Google Docs to Google Drive and separate apps form Docs, Sheets, and Slides, Google is truly back in business on mobile devices. Yesterday, they added the Slides app to the iTunes App Store so that iPad and iPhone users now have access to all of the Google Drive Big Three. (You Android folks have had this for a few weeks.)

With the launch of the Slides app for iPhone & iPad and updates to the Docs and Sheets apps, they’re delivering on an earlier promise to make it possible for you to work with any file, on any device, any time.

Here’s the skinny from the Google folks on the latest update:

  • You can truly get stuff done from any device—your iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Android tablet, laptop or desktop computer. Any change you make on any of these devices is saved automatically, so you can pick up right where you left off any time, anywhere that you can sign in.
  • The Docs, Sheets and Slides apps come with offline editing built right in. Just make the files you want to edit available offline. Any changes you make offline get automatically synced when you reconnect, just like when you make offline edits from your computer.
  • And while converting Office files to Docs, Sheets and Slides is a cinch, the new iPhone/iPad apps also let you edit Office files directly — just like on the Android apps and the web.

To edit Microsoft files on a laptop or desktop, download and install the Chrome extension. This extension is pre-installed on Chromebook OS devices. The powerful piece for me is the offline editing option. So it doesn’t matter where you are, or how flaky your interwebs are or what file type you’re working with, you can get stuff done.

And more importantly so can your students.

There are lots of helpful stuff already out there. Check out some of these goodies:


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  1. Reblogged this on Idea Threads > high thought and commented:
    I’ve been looking at slides a lot lately. Over the past weekend I culled through all the various media types developed through PowerPoint, Keynote, and Prezis. There’s a definite progression in look and style. All of this shows a reductionism and simplicity in messages. Beyond this is simplification of tools where we are now working with productivity tools in the mobile space.

    Now Google is throwing their hat into the ring for mobile users with Slides for iPad and iPhone. It’s always worth a try to look at new formats and functions. The concerns for using a new kind of presentation suite go beyond the convenience of how the creative works with the tool; the adoption and reception of the new suite needs to be familiar to the audience as well.

    I don’t see myself making any serious efforts with Slides besides experimenting. For personal work and community presentations I’ll stick with Keynote and Prezi. PowerPoint in the corporate realm will still reign supreme.

    August 26, 2014
    • glennw #

      I also prefer Keynote but for the many schools who are moving to BYOD, Chromebooks, and tablets, the ability for students to create, edit, and present from these sorts of devices is very handy. And I do think we’ll more movement away from laptop/desktop based tools. Even Microsoft Powerpoint is moving to mobile and cloud-based versions.

      Part of it is that most users don’t use / need all the bells and whistles in the standard versions and more companies are finding that Cloud versions are so much cheaper.

      It will be an interesting ride no matter what happens. Thanks for the comment!


      August 27, 2014

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