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Three tasty tech tools for integrating the NCSS Inquiry Arc

I spent the day at the Best Practices in History Education conference here in Kansas City. Good times.

Learning new things. Meeting new people. Touring the World War One Museum. Browsing the museum store. Eating some BBQ.

I also got the chance to share some of my own ideas about ways to integrate technology into the NCSS Inquiry Arc by walking through a sample lesson. The Arc is designed to help teachers organize instruction and learning:

  • developing questions and planning inquiries
  • applying disciplinary concepts and tools
  • evaluating sources and using evidence
  • communicating conclusions and taking informed action

We discussed my C4 Framework as another easy way to help teachers plan lessons and units.

  • Collect
  • Collaborate
  • Create
  • Communicate

The three tasty tools and their C4 Framework alignment?

  • Google Earth and its sweet Historical Imagery tool / Collect
  • Padlet / Collaborate
  • Canva / Create and Communicate

So we spent some time talking about ways to use both Google Earth screenshots and Google Earth software to help students source and contextualize primary source evidence. We spent some time discussing how Padlet can be used as a collaborative document analysis tool. And we chatted about ways that Canva provides a tool for web-based product creation.

Get a sense of the Google Earth stuff here. Get a sample of Padlet here and an example of Canva here. You can also get a ton of other tech suggestions and a Slideshare version of my presentation here.





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