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5 free tools for finding fantastic current events

A few days ago, I ran across a simple list of handy current events / news resources. A few I was familiar with. Some were new. And from the Twitter conversation, I ran across a few more.

I’ve grabbed a few from the list at ClassTechTips and added a few of more own favs for a quick list of five news sites that are specifically designed for teacher use.

What’s on my list?

Smithsonian Tween Tribune
Daily news sites for K-12 and includes Lexile-leveled text, photos, graphics, and audio, and video about current events, history, art, culture and science. You can also get lessons, instructional, and assessment tools when you sign up as a teacher.

New York Times Learning Network
Relevant news articles, lesson plans, quizzes, cool Test Yourself activities – there really is too much to list here. So be sure to explore all of the stuff along the right hand side. You’re welcome.

Scholastic News for Your Classroom
Probably more for upper elementary to middle school, Scholastic is a great place for national and international news as well as articles from their magazines.

This is an iOS app designed for mobile devices but it has some very cool features. First, it’s free. Second, it’s mostly for younger kids. After that, you get daily articles, quizzes, maps, timelines. You get the picture. It’s all good stuff.

CNN Student News
Designed for middle and high school students, CNN’s student site is a great place to find video clips and articles. Downside? One video a day.

Bonus site:

Travis from McPherson Middle School shared DOGO with me. Looks very cool. Search by category and grade level (3-8). Guiding questions. The teacher account lets you create classes, reading lists. lesson plans, and moderated social interaction.

Need more? Go here for some of my other news favorites.

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  1. Eloir Martins Valença #

    Good tips. thank!

    November 19, 2014
  2. Newsela is great too!

    November 20, 2014
    • glennw #

      I love Newsela! To me, it really is the gold standard. Even the free version gives teachers and kids lots of tools.

      Thanks for the heads up!


      November 20, 2014

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