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TPS Journal: Hidden Jewel at the LOC

The Library of Congress has always been a go-to for social studies teachers. Lesson plans. Primary sources. Maps. Analysis worksheets. Social media tools. I’m sure it’s already in most of your teacher toolkits and you visit often.

But I’ve also discovered that many classroom teachers aren’t always aware of some of the other goodies buried on the LOC website.

One of my favorites is the TPS, Teaching with Primary Sources, section. And the best part of the TPS section is the quarterly journal they publish.  The Teaching with Primary Sources Journal is an online publication created by the Library of Congress Educational Outreach Division in collaboration with the TPS Educational Consortium. Each issue focuses on pedagogical approaches to teaching with Library of Congress digitized primary sources in K-12 classrooms.

Each journal always has great stuff – articles, research, and specific lessons aligned for both elementary and secondary classrooms. The current issue was published last fall and focuses on using Fine and Performing Arts.

The LOC has also archived all of the previous issues. I’ve pasted a list of past topics below. There’s plenty there to keep you busy for a while. My favs?

Historical Thinking and Literacy Integration – two topics that are very relevant to social studies teachers all over the country. But I’m sure you’ll find others that you find just as useful.

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