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Free Google Earth Pro. And other Google Earth goodies

Most of you already know about my love for all things Google. Their stuff always works. It’s always high-quality. And for the most part, it’s always free.

One of my favorite tools has always been Google Earth. I use it a ton. It gives you and your students a chance to connect people & place and events & place. It provides big picture data and encourages problem solving. And it’s always been free.

Except for Google Earth Pro. Pro is, well . . . more awesomer. More features. More fun stuff like a HD Movie Maker. High resolution images. Extra layers not available on the free version. More measurement tools. So while it is more awesomer, Earth Pro would run you $399 for the privilege.

Until now.

Google Earth Pro is now free.

All the features. All the awesomeness. For nada. Nothing. Zip.

You don’t even have to sign up anymore. Simply go here to download Earth Pro. After you install and open the software, you’ll get a popup asking you to sign in using your email address and a License Key. Use this key to finish installation:

Pretty simple.

You hardcore geography teachers will love the enhanced measurement tools and the 3D experience. If you teacher econ or government, the different layers provide all sorts of data that you can use to create compelling questions. And if you teach history of any kind, GE gives you elevations, photos, street view, historical imagery, just all sorts of things you can use to help kids get a broader view of specific events.

And maybe you won’t use all of the Pro features. But isn’t it nice that they’re there if you want them?

Need a few more resources?


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