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Tip of the Week: Google PD and training tools

The Google pool is deep and very wide. There seems like there’s never an end to the tools, handy extensions, and online resources available from the Googleplex. You’ve got search, maps, notes, docs, spreadsheets, drawings, videos, photos, bookmarks, email, calendars, html, news, books, blogs, online classrooms, digital conversations, research, language translation. Heck, there was even a movie a few years ago.

So, yes, I get it when I see teachers struggle with learning the Googles. It can a bit overwhelming. There’s just so much to figure out.

What to do?

Use Google, of course.

One of the most useful things that Google does is to create handy tutorials and training resources. For every tool and gadget, you can find some sort of Help page or handy tips.

If you’re stuck learning a new tool or just want to expand your Google horizons, give some of the following sites a go.

Start at the general Google Support page. You can find all sorts of learning here.

Google Tips: 88 Things You Didn’t Know You Could do With Google
All sorts of new things to try.

The App Show on YouTube
Every week, come learn new tricks and tips on how to use Google Apps with Googlers Debbie and John. It takes only 5 minutes.

Bring More to Class With Google Tools
Google has a range of tools for teaching and learning. This collection of lessons introduces what they are and how to apply them.

Find even more resource guides, training tools, and lesson plans, how to videos, and webinars at the Google training site.

Want the whole enchilada? Become Google qualified? Then you’ll be needing the Google Certification tools.

Have fun!

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  1. so cool !!

    May 5, 2015
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    May 5, 2015

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