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SHEG lessons & assessments aligned by grade and standards

Many of you are already aware of the Stanford History Education Group’s fantastic resources called Reading Like a Historian and Beyond the Bubble. If you’re not, you need to be.

Using his own ideas and research on what historical thinking looks like, Sam Wineburg and his staff created some incredibly useful lessons and assessments and started giving them away for free. Good stuff.

Each lesson starts with a compelling question, provides primary evidence, and asks students to use historical thinking skills to solve the problem. This sort of work is exactly what our state standards and what the National Council for the Social Studies encourages.

As more teachers are using the tools, one thing they’re asking is how the SHEG lessons and assessments fit into specific grade levels and Common Core literacy levels.

And now thanks to the Los Angeles school district, your wish has come true. LAUSD has broken down the entire list of Reading Like a History lesson list and the 70+ Beyond the Bubble assessments and organized them into grade level specific lists. They’ve also organized the SHEG stuff by the different Common Core reading and writing literacy standards. You can also find charts organizing assessments by specific historical thinking skills.

sheg alignment doc

The lists are very useful if you and your district is working to develop or revise your grade level resources / strategies document. It might even be more useful if you’re working simply to find and develop your own classroom resources.

(And seriously, if you haven’t been over to the SHEG site, you need to start over there first.)


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