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Tip of the Week: Giving away two Podstock Golden Tickets!


That’s right. Two Podstock Golden Tickets.

I know you’ve heard of Podstock. ESSDACK’s annual summer edtech get together? In Wichita’s Old Town? Lots of fun people and great learning? Moonlight Madness? Pine wood derby? Dance and reception? Great door prizes and give aways? Did I mention incredible PLN?

It’s basically a bunch of awesome folks getting together to learn more about how to improve education. It’s about creativity, about inspiration, about finding the best tools for our kids. And we’ll use whatever it takes – technology, PBL, gaming, online widgets . . . we’ll try anything as long as it helps kids learn.

Podstock got started a few years ago when Kevin Honeycutt wanted to mash up some tech learning with the anniversary of Woodstock. We decorated with album covers, wore tie dye t-shirts, and learned a ton about podcasting. And every year since, we’ve picked a fun theme. Last year it was super heroes. Before that it was the 80s. We’ve done 1950s diners. 1960s revolution.

This year?


It seems like a perfect fit. We’re pushing MakerSpaces and creating and power tools and 3D printers and robots. SteamPunk just seemed right. If you haven’t figured it out, we love learning and having a great time all mushed together. We always have great sessions, a pre-conference day, awesome vendors, and some of the most passionate educators you will ever meet.

There is a problem. Every year.

We always sell out. The pre-conference is limited to a 100 people. The regular conference is limited to 275 people. And when people wait too long, there’s just no space.

The solution?

Golden Tickets. VIP passes that you can use to get free entry into Podstock. No lines. No waiting. No paying money. You have a Golden TIcket? You’re in. And it just so happens that I know a guy. A Podstock Golden Ticket guy.

He’s got two Golden Tickets and would love to give you one. If you’re interested, and you know you are, he’s set up a way for you to earn one of his tickets. Head over to this simple survey – he’s gonna ask you a few questions and require one simple task.

Then on June 8, we’ll look at the results and select two winners. Pretty simple.

But don’t forget. If you don’t win a ticket, you need to jump on the regular registration process. In fact, it’s probably a good idea to go ahead and register now to make sure you get a spot. If you win a ticket, we can always wrestle out the details of refunds.

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