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Google+ pages and communities every social studies teacher needs to follow

Okay. Full disclosure.

I have a Google+ account. I don’t use it very often.

I spend time lurking on Twitter and certain Flipboards so my social media time is pretty spread thin. To be even more transparent, there was that whole Google Wave social media experiment a few years back. So . . . I’m personally not 100% sold on the idea yet.

But I do know of teachers who’ve really bought into the Google+ universe. And I am convinced that to be a great teacher, you need to be a connected teacher. That almost always means some sort of social media. I don’t care what sort of social media. Everyone is different and finds tools that work for them.

So I’m going to keep poking around the edges of Google+. I like some of the features, especially the ability to join and create communities of people who can help me get smarter and vice versa. My advice? Take a few minutes to play around with the tool. You just might walk away smarter too.

Learn more about the tool itself. Browse through a Beginners Guide to Google+. Explore some ways to use Google+ in the classroom. Then go check out some of these Google+ pages:

But I think that Communities are where the real professional learning can happen. Communities give each of your different groups a home base. You can post photos and videos, plan events, or even have face-to-face discussions using Hangouts. And stay connected to your communities with your mobile devices. From AP US History to middle school geography, Communities bring people together around common interests.

Or you can create your own community. Use the privacy features to keep the conversation just among your colleagues or just your own students.

Explore a few sample communities and then search for more:

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