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College, Career and Civic Life standards webinars

Okay. Let’s be honest. Sitting through most live webinars is almost never a good time. Usually stuff you might find somewhere else. Simple talking heads. Poor production quality. Sitting through an archived webinar is only marginally better – for no other reason than you can fast forward through it.

But . . . there are some that are useful and practical – even if some of those other things are present. The NCSS C3 Framework webinar series is one of those.

The College, Career, and Civic Life Framework for Social Studies State Standards was developed to serve two audiences: for states to upgrade their state social studies standards and for practitioners — local school districts, schools, teachers and curriculum writers — to strengthen their social studies programs.

The objectives of the Framework are to:

  • enhance the rigor of the social studies disciplines
  • build critical thinking, problem solving, and participatory skills to become engaged citizens
  • align academic programs to the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts and Literacy in History/Social Studies.

These free recorded webinars will help you learn more about the C3 Framework and the instructional shifts needed to help you move kids towards becoming effective citizens and historical thinkers.

So if you’re looking to find out more about the NCSS national social studies standards and what they can look like in practice, these webinars can help:

Introductory Overview of C3 for Educators
Instructional Shifts Investigation
Dimension 1: Developing Questions and Planning Inquiries
Dimension 2: Applying Disciplinary Concepts and Tools
Dimension 3: Evaluating Sources & Using Evidence
Dimension 4: Communicating Conclusions and Taking Informed Action
Connecting SS and ELA Shifts in the Elementary Classroom
Meeting the Common Core for ELA, Part One: How does the C3 Framework Align to the Common Core?
Meeting the Common Core, Part Two: Reading Informational Text
Meeting the Common Core, Part Three: Argument Writing
Meeting the Common Core, Part Four: Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening for English Learners and Native Speakers
Develop Your Own C3 Lessons
Lead the Way! Tips and Tools to Introduce, Plan, and Implement the C3 Framework at your School Site/District
Coaching the Coaches: C3 Framework Rubric

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