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Wikipedia is your friend and so is this awesome timeline

We’ve had the discussion before. Wikipedia is not evil. Wikipedia is not revisionist history. Wikipedia is not an attempt by SPECTRE to take over the world. It’s just an encyclopedia, just one of the many online tools useful for quick overviews of basic foundational knowledge.

And for settling bar bets, of course.

So . . . Wikipedia is your friend. It really is. As is World Book. And Encyclopedia Britannica.

And if you feel comfortable agreeing with that statement, go ahead. Click the Read More link. Cause I’ve got a very cool interactive Wikipedia-based timeline that you need to check out. If you’re not comfortable with the Wiki idea, I’m okay with that. You might enjoy Scholarpedia or Infoplease as alternatives.

But you won’t get the cool timeline tool. Just saying.

So here’s the cool timeline tool. Called Histography, the tool is an interactive timeline that spans across 14 billion years of history, from the Big Bang to 2015. The site draws historical events from Wikipedia and self-updates daily with new recorded events.

It’s a fairly simple interface that allows you to filter the results of thousands of Wikipedia articles chronologically and by topic.

Created by Matan Stauber, Histography basically pulls all of the historical events from Wikipedia, presenting each as a separate black dot. Clicking on a dot opens an info box with links to the Wikipedia article and related events. Simultaneous events are stacked vertically so as you drag the timeline slider across the bottom, you see history as a series of waves, depending how historically “busy” that period or topic was.

hist timeline 2

hist timeline 3

You can filter by periods such as Information Age or Bronze Age. You can also filter by category such as politics, literature, or wars.

hist timeline 4

Pretty sweet. Run it by your students and talk about ways you might be able to use it as a teaching / learning tool. Then come back here and share some of your thoughts. What is the best way to integrate this into your classroom?

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