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National Archives Education Updates & 58 other NARA social media links

The National Archives has billions of documents, artifacts, and historical resources. And I’m beginning to think that it has almost that many blogs, social media accounts, and RSS feeds.

This morning, I got dragged into the NARA world of social media after discovering the very cool Education Updates blog.

I ran across the Updates blog through one of my Flipboard feeds and started browsing. NARA staffers use the site to share resources for teachers and learners. You’ll find new teaching tools, lesson plans, learning activities, student field trips, professional development opportunities, newly available primary sources, and multimedia and web content.

The National Archives holds all kinds of valuable documents – written documents, images, maps, audio, video, charts, and more – from all three branches of our government. Educational liaisons at the National Archives in Washington, DC, around the country, and in Presidential Libraries work together to share how they use all of these different types of sources in teaching activities.

And just when I thought I was out, they sucked me back in.

I was done. I had gotten my weekly primary sources fix. But the Education Updates blog led me to a page of 58 other sites, pages, or projects that have social media and RSS feeds. And so back down the rabbit hole.

And we’ve all been to the Archives Education site and the Teaching with Documents page. But . . .

  • Would you be surprised that they have 16 different blogs? Including a cool one called the Text Message that is just a bunch of the archivists sharing about the cool things they find in all of those dusty boxes?  Yeah. I didn’t either.
  • How about the Unwritten Records Media Matters blog? That highlights multimedia sources that archivists uncover in the stacks? Me neither.
  • Did you know that the National Archives has regular noon lectures? And a Facebook page that highlights the lecture? Nope. Never heard about it till this morning.

And yes. Some of the things on the list really aren’t going to do much for most of us. The National Records Management Program site’s not going to spend time in any teacher’s classroom. But just in case, they’ve got a Twitter account and RSS feed.

So while not everything on the list is teacher useful, there are some very cool things on the list that you do need to spend some time exploring:

Not to mention all of the Presidential Libraries and regional archives sites scattered around the country. And all of these NARA branches and projects have social media tools built in so they’re easy to follow.

If you’re not sure where to start, following the @USNatArchives Twitter account is as good as anywhere to begin.

So whether you’ve got 15 minutes or a couple of hours, you’re sure to find something useful on the National Archives Social Media page.


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