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Tip of the Week: What will you be reading?

I seriously doubt that anyone will actually read this. It’s the final student contact day for many of you and am pretty sure the last thing you’re thinking about right now is my Tip of the Week.

But I’m going to push this out anyway cause . . . well, it’s my job.

I love the holidays. Turkey. Ham. Chocolate covered coffee beans. And Chex Mix. Lots and lots of Chex Mix. Friends. Family. Christmas lights. It’s all good.

But the best part of the holiday break, of course, is the actual break. The part where I save vacation days and spend the week between Christmas and New Year’s hanging out late and reading. It just seems as if other parts of the year get so busy that there is little time to sit and enjoy a book or two. So much like my summer reading list, I always have a Christmas reading list.

This year?

The English Assassin by Daniel Silva, 1944 by Jay Wink, and finish The Wright Brothers by David McCullough.

I am convinced that educators must always be on the top of their game. And reading, whether digital or print, keeps us sharp. The research is pretty clear – reading is good for our brains. Especially when we choose to read social studies related fiction and non-fiction.

I know that you probably have tons of other stuff going on between now and when you check back into the classroom. But find something to read. Hang out a bit at your local library or mom and pop bookstore. Heck. Feel free to drop in at a chain like Barnes and Noble. And if you prefer digital, there’s lot of online options.

Need a few suggestions? These are a few things that I’ve slowly worked through over the last year. All are awesome. My fav? The Oregon Trail by Rinker Buck. Buck and his brother have a wagon built and literally hitch up a team of mules. Then travel the original trail. As in months of travel. And while documenting their own trip, he shares historical info about the events of the 1850s. Very cool.

IMG_4602 (1)

And if you’re actually still hanging around, a quick heads up. During the holiday break, History Tech will be re-publishing the Top Ten posts of 2015. So be sure to drop by in between trips to the snack bowl.

Have a great break! See you after the New Year.

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  1. Nathan #

    Great suggestions! Thank you. By the way, we have school next week.

    December 18, 2015
    • glennw #

      Yeah. But your kids are all smarter!

      Have a great break!


      December 18, 2015
  2. Hi Glenn, I have only read 3 of the 11 you listed. Thanks for the ideas. I am currently reading H.W. Brands book on Grant and the 2013 expose on Scientology. Have a great holiday.

    Merry Christmas, Mary

    Mary Madden Director
    Kansas Museum of History Kansas Historical Society
    6425 SW 6th Avenue
    Topeka KS 66615-1099
    785-272-8681, ext. 417
    Real People. Real Stories.

    December 18, 2015
    • glennw #

      I need to check out the Grant book. Brands wrote the Jackson book right?

      Have a great holiday – hoping you’ll be able to find a few days to relax!


      December 20, 2015
    • glennw #

      Have you read any of Brand’s Twitter feed that he’s using to write a Twitter history of the US? The kicker is that each Tweet is a haiku! Very fun!


      December 22, 2015

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