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Need an awesome digital storytelling tool? Adobe Spark is the answer

I’ve been a fan of Adobe digital tools ever since I started playing with Voice several years ago. And have continued to fall in love as they added Slate and Post. All three provide incredibly powerful and easy to use tools for creating digital stories.

Post is designed to quickly create professional graphics. Slate focused on creating magazine style web-based stories letting you and students mix text and images in a highly visual way. Voice let you create animated videos by combining text, images, icons and themes on slides and then laid your own voice over the slides as a narrative for the finished video product.

I like that they provide both push and pull options – teachers can use them to create resources that they push out to students. Kids can use them to create products that teachers can pull in. All three tools are connected with the Adobe Creative Cloud, making it easy for users to find copyright free images to use in their projects. While not as powerful as Adobe’s pro tools such as Photoshop and InDesign, all three have some pretty amazing features making them accessible to teachers and students just by tapping buttons.

I also loved the fact that all three tools are free.

The problem was that all three were iOS only – available for iPhone and iPad users only. Eventually a web-based version of Slate did become available. But many were still locked out of the other tools.

Until this week.

Adobe has now combined all three of the tools into something they’re calling Spark, a web-based site that’s available to everyone and updated mobile tools.

The integrated solution consists of:
  • Adobe Spark: a browser-based web experience for creating social posts and graphics, web stories, and animated videos.
  • Spark Post: an iOS mobile app that enables anyone to create stunning social posts and graphics in seconds. 
  • Spark Page: an iOS mobile app that helps users create beautiful web stories.
  • Spark Video: an iOS mobile app that enables users to create compelling animated videos in minutes. 

spark 2

The final products for Page and Video are web-based, allowing for easy online sharing. And the cool thing is that because Spark is web-based, the tools now work on Chromebooks as well as Windows, Apple, and iOS devices. Get more Adobe press propaganda here.

An Adobe ID, Google or Facebook login is required to use the apps so that your projects can sync between devices.

These tools seem perfect for having kids create digital products in a variety of grades and content areas. These could be formative or summative assessments. Group projects. Summaries. You can use them to generate flipped classroom resources, project examples, writing prompts, and review materials.

As we move to more authentic learning and assessments, Adobe Spark provides the kind of app needed to support those kinds of activities. It’s needs to be part of your tool kit.

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