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Tip of the Week: More Election Resources Than You’ll Ever Need But Will Probably Look at Anyway

For a former poly sci major, a presidential election year is like one long Super Bowl party. Polls. Data. Ads. Commentary. Analysis. Policy discussions. Lots and lots of analysis. Throw in the Senate and House races – not to mention the state and local stuff going on here in Kansas – and it doesn’t get any better.

And the cool thing is that there are tons of online resources available to help me, you, and your students understand and participate in the process.

Your first step should be to browse through the article titled Have Politics Become So Ugly That Educators Are Afraid To Teach Civics? It might be easier to pretend the election is already over and try to ignore all the ugliness that can happen when we see so much polarization in the process. But we can not ignore our task as social studies educators – preparing students to be thoughtful, engaged, and informed citizens.


News Election Coverage

Campaign Ads / Cartoons

Issues / Fact Checking

Lesson Plans & Strategies

Campaign Finance

Have fun!

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  1. Scott #

    Want to really go deep into polling/forecasting? Try from the University of Virginia.

    August 28, 2016
    • glennw #

      More data for a poly sci nerd is always a good thing. Thanks!


      August 28, 2016

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