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GameOn World: Geography game that plays like Kahoot

If you love Kahoot – and who doesn’t – you’re gonna love Game On.

The idea is simple. Start a game. Students browse to on any smart device. Share a pin number with your students. Start the game. Project questions and images onto a screen. Students view questions on screen. They answer the questions on their device. Students see the results on the large screen.

And here’s the cool part. While there are a variety of topics, you can choose to focus on geography and history facts.


GameOn was created by a teacher and student from Maine and  is in its first version so I’m sure that there will be more activities coming. And am hoping that the option for teachers to create their own questions is also in the works.

As the teacher, you can select different areas of the world to focus by clicking the Settings gear button.

GameOn is one more option to add to your tool belt – use it to review geography places and terms. Use as a hook activity or to simply increase student content knowledge.

Or, you know, play just cause it’s fun.

(Hat tip and thanks to Richard Byrne for the heads up.)

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  1. richardbyrneandroid #

    Hi Glenn,

    Thanks for my sharing my video. I’m particularly excited about this game because it was developed by a teacher and a student working together. I think it’s a great example of what happens when teachers let students take the lead. The student graduated last year and is now a college student who is continuing to collaborate with his teacher to make the game better.

    October 21, 2016
    • glennw #

      Would love to know what platform they use to create the game and the process they used.

      Thanks for highlighting their work!


      October 24, 2016

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