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It’s a podcast part duex! Darren, Ashley, and the incredible Smithsonian Learning Lab

Last week, we published Part One of my conversation with Darren Milligan and Ashley Naranjo from the Smithsonian Learning Lab.

Today? Part Two.

Quick review:

The Smithsonian Learning Lab is a powerful, free, online tool for finding, organizing, curating, and sharing primary sources. Over two million artifacts and resources are available to you and your students on the site, with built-in tools for creating collections, sharing resources, and developing formative feedback – perfect for all sorts of high level thinking activities.

If you haven’t heard Part One, head over there first and then come back here for the final piece of the puzzle.

In Part Two, Ashley and Darren discuss the beginnings of the Learning Lab, the power of Smithsonian artifacts, the tools available to teachers and students, and how you can use those tools to customize your instruction and assessment. You’re going to walk away with great ideas that you can use tomorrow and a better understanding of how you can take advantage of working together with others:

. . . feel free to play around with it and publish so that others can learn from your expertise. There are a variety of ways to access other teachers’ expertise – I think it’s the community of the tool that is one of the biggest parts of the Lab. It’s just so important.

darren-milligan  ashley-naranjo

Thanks to Darren and Ashley for taking the time to share their excitement about the Learning Lab. It really is an amazing site that is too powerful not to use. It needs to become one of those non-negotiable players on your varsity – a tool that’s part of all of your instructional design and planning.

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