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America in Class

The National Humanities Center is a private, nonprofit organization dedicated exclusively to advanced study in all areas of the humanities. And it’s got some handy resources that they’ve housed at a site called America in Class that has primary and secondary resources, webinars, and lessons for history and literature teachers.

According to the site, it’s designed to promote the analytical skills called for in the Common Core ELA / Literacy standards in History/Social Studies:

  • identifying and evaluating textual evidence,
  • determining central ideas,
  • understanding the meanings of words,
  • comprehending the structure of a text,
  • recognizing an author’s point of view, and
  • interpreting content presented in diverse media, including visual images.

You can find a variety of things at American in Class:

Live, interactive professional development webinars for history and literature teachers, conducted by leading scholars and housed on YouTube.


Key questions, essential understandings, and primary sources with context, background, and discussion excerpts for classroom teaching.

Primary Sources
Collections of historical documents, literary texts, and works of art thematically organized with notes and discussion questions, annotated and excerpted for classroom use.

Secondary Sources at TeacherServe
Collections of essays on topics in American history and literature written by leading scholars with content overview, guidance for classroom discussion, bibliographies, and more.

Reading Our Stories
Offered in partnership with the Durham Veteran Affairs Health Care System, this program allows veterans and their families an opportunity to more deeply reflect on what their service means–both to them as individuals and to the country–by examining and discussing literary texts.


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