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21st century social studies: tips, tools, and tricks at #maceks17

It’s day one of #maceks17 and it’s already awesome. Meeting old friends and making new ones. I get the chance to do a couple of things today – help man the ESSDACK booth and do an afternoon session. Excited about both. Hanging out at the table gives me the chance to meet lots of different teachers and hear all sorts of stories about what is working in classrooms.

And spending time with social studies teachers talking about technology?  That’s the sweet spot.

But if you’re reading this, chances are you missed MACE and the afternoon session. I get that. Not everybody gets the chance to hangout with the #maceks17 folks. So if you’re curious about the 21st Century Social Studies: Tip, Tools, & Tricks preso, here’s quick summary of what we talked about:

Adobe Spark: Video, Page, and Post
Easily one my favorite tools. And now that the Adobe video app lets me insert actual videos, it is oh so cool. It’s free. There are iOS mobile apps. No brainer.

Great for Mystery “Skype” calls without the Skype. Free account gives you unlimited 1 to 1 video calls with lots of other options. Seems more stable than Skype or Facetime.

Interactive Google tools that encourage high levels of thinking.

Combating Fake News
This is why we exist – training kids to think historically and to know real from fake.

Interactive Video Creation Tools
Videos with embedded questions that kids answer based on the video’s content that end up getting shared with you.

Visual DEI
The basic idea of Discrepant Event Inquiry is to present your kids with a puzzling, paradoxical, or discrepant event or story. Students ask questions, pose hypotheses, analyze and synthesize information, and draw tentative conclusions while attempting to find an answer to the inquiry. The cool thing is that you can use a textual or visual version of the strategy.

Smithsonian Learning Lab
The Smithsonian Learning Lab is a major rethinking of how the digital resources from across the Smithsonian’s 19 museums, 9 major research centers, the National Zoo, and more, can be used together, for learning.

Evidence Analysis Window Frame
Re-usable, inexpensive tool to scaffold historical thinking skills.

Virtual Reality
Using 3D, virtual reality tools can transport your kids to places they can only dream of.

Cool online activities using National Archives primary sources.

Knightlabs JS StoryMaps
Geo-tagged digital storytelling.

Social studies themed PLC, great place to learn from others.

MACE17 presentation
Get the preso in PDF format.

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