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Need some EdTech Gear advice?

I’ve always enjoyed Jonathan Wylie’s stuff. He’s got fingers in lots of pies spending time at the Grant Woods AEA Digital Learning Team, on Twitter, and his own incredibly useful site. He always has great ideas, I especially like his How To posts.

Late last year, he developed something new called EdTech Gear Guides. We’re all looking for the best ways to integrate technology into our instructional designs. And there’s always a ton of great ideas out there but it can be difficult getting all of the details and gadgets and tools and gear to actually pull off that great idea.

That’s where EdTech Gear Guides can help. The guides are:

dedicated to helping schools find the best technology tools to enhance teaching and learning in the classroom. These carefully curated gear guides are grouped by themes and offer a look at some of the best new technology that is available today.

Products that are featured on The Edtech Gear Guide are chosen because of their potential for enhancing teaching and learning with technology in a PreK-12 learning environment. If it isn’t any good, it isn’t on here.

Jonathan does a sweet job of breaking down six different types of tech integration ideas – more coming – with specific, step by step directions. The cool part of the Guides is that he also includes suggestions for the actual gear. As in, what Google Cardboard view works best. The best place to get green screen fabric. What microphones work best for different types of podcasts. You’ll get “multiple recommendations” for all sorts of tools that we often don’t think about.

And I forgot to mention Jonathan’s part in the Grant Woods Tech Team podcast. The guy is everywhere! So be sure to connect with that too.

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