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CoffeeEdu, personal professional growth, and large amounts of caffeine

Mary Frazier is so smart. Seriously. She’s been a classroom teacher. A technology coach. And now a teacher again. She’s had the chance to work with lots of people. Read a lot of books and try a lot of different instructional strategies. Mary has also had all sorts of opportunities to explore technology tools.

So when she talks, I listen.

And today she said


My response?


CoffeeEdu, founded by Alice Keeler, is a one hour teacher-driven event where teachers come together to chat about whatever they like. It’s a subset of the unconference idea where teachers develop their own topics and provide their own professional learning.

It’s not about promoting a product or organization, it’s about expanding your PLN in a face to face meet up for one hour. And it’s easy to host a CoffeeEdu:

  • Choose a time, date, and location that works for you.
  • Email, tweet, facebook, Google Plus or use other social media to let people know where and when.
  • Print out a sign (find it at the website) and show up at the date and time.
  • Let participants talk about what topics in education they are interested in.
  • No agenda, no pre-chosen topics.

Whatever you and other participants are interested in discussing at that time, becomes the topic for CoffeeEdu.

Simple but so powerful.

One of the things we don’t do very well is to take care of our own learning. We can get so focused on making sure that our students are taken care of that we forget to look out for ourselves. Or if we do think about professional learning, we assume that someone else has to plan and schedule it.

We assume that our learning has to be complicated and organized somehow. Actual learning is seldom organized. It develops when we interact with others and new ideas and Twitter chats and book studies and webinars and books and all sorts of things that take advantage of the group’s collective wisdom. Most often is very informal ways.

So when Mary described CofeeEdu, yup . . . I was sold. I love learning. I love coffee. And with the Unicorn latte / macchiato / something something with sugar in it craze going around, this is the perfect time to add CoffeeEdu to your learning network agenda.

We decided to have our own CoffeeEdu this morning. We sat down and brainstormed digital field trips for a hour. Sixty minutes after we started, I walked away smarter.

Need more incentive? The Remind people are giving away $25 worth of free coffee. Yup. Great learning and free coffee. What’s not to like?

Need the social medias?

Thanks Mary! Here’s to more jittery, caffeine fueled professional learning.

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  1. I’m not a teacher but always learning…..sounds great.

    April 25, 2017
    • glennw #

      We’re all learners!


      April 25, 2017
  2. Gwen #

    I’d like to know more about your digital field trip brainstorming and what came out of that.

    April 27, 2017
    • glennw #

      Hoping we can get that all figured out for next Friday’s TIG meeting! Actual field trips paired with digital field trip creation combined with online field trips. Phone cameras. Google Cardboards. StorySpheres. Fake Google Expeditions.

      Looking forward to it!


      April 27, 2017
  3. Michael Nelson #

    Mary is absolutely brilliant. I’ve stolen, er, borrowed her ideas for years. This would be a great format to get teachers from neighboring districts collaborating with others and sharing resources. Great idea to keep thinking on… Thanks Glenn!

    April 27, 2017
    • glennw #

      You’re welcome.

      But it really is all about Mary – she always amazes me!


      April 27, 2017
      • Mary Frazier #

        Glenn, you are way too kind! Thanks so much!

        May 2, 2017
    • Mary Frazier #

      Thanks, Michael!

      May 2, 2017

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