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History Nerdfest 2017 Day Three: #sschat unconference conversation made me smarter

If you’re not using Twitter to access the #sschat hashtag throughout the year, I will politely suggest that you need start doing that.

Seriously. And if me being polite doesn’t work, you should do because I said so.

Using Twitter and the #sschat hashtag connects you with hundreds of super smart people who can make you smarter. It also connects you with people who need to know what you know so that they can get smarter. Win win.

And this morning at #ncss17, several of the organizers of #sschat put together a three hour unconference session where people could meet face to face. Many of us only know each other via Twitter and so it’s great putting faces with Twitter handles. The cool thing is that the learning is the same. We asked questions. We shared resources. We brainstormed ideas.

And we all walked away smarter.

The cool thing about #sschat is that everything is archived online. During a normal day, you just follow the hashtag and get all kinds of stuff. You can also go to the #sschat website and browse their archive of all kinds of specific conversations.

Today was no different. There were three different sessions – chosen and led by teachers – and multiple topics during each session. And all of these conversations were documented. So if you weren’t there this morning, jump into this Google Doc to get links and suggestions to everything that people talked about.

You’ll find information on virtual reality, how to use YouTube, geo tools, great lesson ideas, PBL, differentiation strategies, local history, controversial topics . . . you get the idea.

It’ll be like you were actually here.

(Seriously. You need to be following #sschat. Not sure how to do that? I got you covered.)

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