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  1. Shanna #

    I really enjoy the idea of getting students involved in their communities. I think so often high school students, especially prior to 12th grade, don’t know how they can be civically engaged without being able to vote yet. Something like this is a great way to get them thinking about their beliefs and how they can have a positive impact on their community. As much as I like the idea, I wonder how it might fit alongside more traditional requirements of civics curriculum. Civics is a high school requirement in my state with pretty set standards and many (118 IIRC) topics to cover in just a one semester course. That said, I think this type of learning is incredibly valuable and will stay with students long after they have left high school. Further, I wonder about the service learning component. Some students might not have resources available to do something like this after school or on weekends. There seem to be many ways to adapt the requirements and activities based on need and time and I’m sure I will refer back to these resources in the future.

    December 13, 2018
    • glennw #

      Agree 100% – so important! Civic engagement is something we are really trying to focus on here in Kansas. Part of what we’re encouraging is finding ways to do daily schedules differently to support service learning.


      December 13, 2018

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