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  1. Chad #

    Thank you for the resources! It is encouraging to see these issues being discussed. You said, “our job as social studies teachers is to train our kids to change the world. And it’s never too early to start talking about civic engagement.” This is the reason why I wanted to become a social studies teacher. I have been in two different schools as a student teacher, one which was very civic minded, used a lot of tech, and practiced democratic principles in the classroom and the other which just taught straight out of the textbook and was very authoritative in nature. The difference in engagement was clear and the students in the former school developed a sense of purpose in society from their unit which the latter did not. I think developing lessons like this with practical application to civic involvement are key to seeing the full potential of social studies education reach our communities.

    December 3, 2019
    • glennw #


      Thanks for the quick comment – I appreciate it!

      You’re so right. Civic engagement is so much more than the three branches of government and textbooks. We have to model this. Love that you’ve had the opportunity to experience both sides of what works and what doesn’t! Good luck as you continue your teaching career. Let me know how I can help!


      December 3, 2019

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