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7 sites with ready to use lesson plans and 9 perfect primary source icebreakers

Today you get a two for one.

I recently got a question from a teacher that I’m pretty sure most of us are asking right about now.

“Where can I find quality history and social studies lessons that I can use either face to face or remotely?

I’ve got my quick favorites. SHEG. Library of Congress. National Archives. All can be adapted to a remote learning environment. But a few minutes of brainstorming and the list quickly grew.

So the first part of the twofer? Seven sites with tons of lessons you can use right away:

The second part?

During a quick run down the Google rabbit hole looking for remote friendly lessons, I ran across an older blog post written by the awesome people at the Metro State TPS site. The post highlighted some of their work on using primary sources, specifically a list of nine very creative, bellringer type strategies for helping kids make sense of images.

Since many of the lesson plan sites listed above involve the use of images, I thought you might find them useful. Blend them into the different lessons you find and you’re golden.


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