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Tip of the week: New Google Earth. Great! And . . . meh.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to any of you that I am a huge Google Earth nerd. I love geography. I love maps. I love Google.

It’s a simple formula. A + B = C. Maps + Google = Google Earth nerd.

So when Google pushed out an online version of GE this week, all was right with the world. At least until I started digging into it a little bit. Don’t get me wrong. Any time I can play with an online Google tool, it’s a good day.

The new version does have a few cool features. But I’m just a little disappointed that  Read more

Free Google Earth Pro. And other Google Earth goodies

Most of you already know about my love for all things Google. Their stuff always works. It’s always high-quality. And for the most part, it’s always free.

One of my favorite tools has always been Google Earth. I use it a ton. It gives you and your students a chance to connect people & place and events & place. It provides big picture data and encourages problem solving. And it’s always been free.

Except for Google Earth Pro. Pro is, well . . . more awesomer. More features. More fun stuff like a HD Movie Maker. High resolution images. Extra layers not available on the free version. More measurement tools. So while it is more awesomer, Earth Pro would run you $399 for the privilege.

Until now.

Google Earth Pro is now free.

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Tip of the Week: Google Earth Tour Builder

Okay. Seriously.

Google is freaking me out. It’s got the Search thing going. Google Drive. Map. Apps for Educators. I heard something once about being able to use Google to search for smells.

And now I’m pretty sure it can read minds.

Last week, a group of teachers and I were sitting around talking about Google Lit Trips. There was some great conversation about how Google Earth is an awesome tool for instruction and for student product development. But one of the concerns mentioned by teachers was the learning curve for both themselves and students.

Wouldn’t it be nice, a teacher asked

if Google would just simplify the process and put something online? Something drag and drop?

Yup. You guessed it. Read more

5 ways Google Earth can save your bacon

Google probably doesn’t need my help selling any of its products. But I usually end up sounding like an intern from the marketing department at least once a week. I love their stuff.

I especially love Google Earth.

And the more I travel around, the more I discover that many social studies teachers are not fully aware of the different ways Google Earth can save their bacon. As in, engaging and useful teaching strategies that are aligned to Common Core Literacy and College, Career, and Civic Life standards.

So today? Five awesome ways to use Google Earth in your classroom: Read more

More Google Earth Sweetness

Last Friday, I mentioned the sweet Google Earth Tour Guide feature. But the updated Google Earth is more than just Tour Guides.

The Earth Gallery has also gotten an upgrade. The Gallery is some 1000 pre-built Google Earth Tours available for immediate use. You can access the Gallery by clicking the button right beside the Layers area. A separate browser will slide in, letting you search or browse for specific tours. Clicking one of the tours will automatically install the tour into your Google Earth.

GE gallery

You can find a wide range of historical maps, geographic features, and other social studies related goodies. The Gallery is also accessible online via a traditional browser.

Others goodies?
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Tip of the Week: Updated Google Earth Tour Guide Feature is Sweet

The title should really read Sweeeeet – with a lot of  extra eeee’s. Because Google Earth’s latest update incorporates an incredibly tasty feature.

Called Tour Guide, the feature provides guided excursions to and through a wide variety of geographic places, both famous and obscure. There are over 100,000 tours in 200 countries with more than 1,000,000 photos now available – from flying tours of the Roman Coliseum to Dodge City’s Boot Hill.

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