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7 virtual resources and a few iCivics distance learning suggestions

(An earlier version highlighted NARA in the title rather than iCivics. Not sure what I was thinking, I corrected it March 27.  Sorry iCivics. You’re doing awesome stuff!)


The new normal is fast becoming the normal normal. But it’s always nice to hear what others are doing and using.

And I love Jenifer Hitchcock’s suggestions about structuring our normal normal distance learning instruction. It’s part of a handy toolkit that she and other folks over at iCivics have put together. I’ve summarized Jenifer’s list but you need to head over and check it out all of the details as well as their Toolkit.

Further down, I’ve also posted 11 resources that are perfect for your distance learning normal normal. So if you’re already in a normal normal teaching situation, all of this is super useful.

But if you’re still in some sort of traditional face to face setting, skip Jenifer’s tips and bounce down to the resources – still useful for you because, well . . . they’re awesome sauce for any sort of learning environment.

Here’s a quick list of some of Jenifer’s suggestions:  Read more

5 Days of Helpful Tools: Day 2 – Virtual Field Trips

It’s Day Two of Helpful Tools week. Maybe not as cool a name for a week as Shark Week (which is awesome) but still pretty darn handy.

I recently received an email from the Williamsburg people offering a free month of access to their very cool Gift to the Nation virtual field trip series.

Revolving around the bitter contest of 1800 between Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, the electronic field trip is entitled “The Will of the People” and shows that smear tactics aren’t particular to the modern era.

“The Will of the People” is an immersion for both teachers and students in authentic historical content – teachers are provided with multi-disciplinary lesson plans, teacher activities and program scripts while students can take part in history with interactive resources and web activities. The program is available at no cost from Sept. 1-Sept. 30 with online registration.

But Williamsburg is not the only place out there offering electronic / virtual field trips. Tons of places offer free online tours. So here ya go.


I’m thinking primary sources.