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Integrating technology. Yes. It’s different than simply using technology

I’m spending part of  today getting ready for my METC presentation next week.

(The not so subtle self-promotion? My session on using Flipboard and Pocket as content management tools is next Wednesday at 9:45 in Junior Ballroom A, Lower Level. I’m sure once it’s finished, the presentation is gonna be great. Fingers crossed.)

And as part of my presentation prep, I’m exploring what it really means to integrate technology. I started with the idea that just because teachers or their students use technology as part of teaching and learning, doesn’t necessarily mean that they are actually integrating technology into what they’re doing.

That idea morphed into the next: Read more

A student’s view of technology: “A cat is not a dog.”

Audrey Mullen is a sophomore at Presentation High School in San Jose, California. She started Kite Reviews, an all-student consulting service that provides user reviews of your edtech products. She’s worked with Brainpop, All Can Code, and Readorium.

And she recently posted an article at EdSurge, sharing her thoughts on the use of technology in the high school classroom and the teachers that use it. For those of us on the far side of being a sophomore in high school and who advocate for the effective use of technology as part of instruction, Audrey’s viewpoint should be a vital part of that conversation.

Her article is also a good reminder of how we need to be much more aware of how our decisions impact the actual people who make up our very large customer base. Read the entire article over at EdSurge but here’s a brief teaser of some of her topics: Read more

Digital Learning: 4 ways not to be cranky

A couple of days ago, I was a bit cranky. Frustrated with educators who consistently refuse, for a variety of reasons, to integrate the use of technology tools into their instruction, I went off just a little.

I’m better now.

Cause I get it. I do. Teaching is hard enough without having to learn new stuff and then find ways to insert those new things into my classroom. I still believe we need to do those things but I understand the difficulty. And I think some of the teacher resistance I’ve run across is because people need more rationale, more examples, more ease of use.

So today? Read more

Digital Learning: You’re starting to make me cranky

It’s been a fun couple of months since the holiday break. I’ve had the chance to spend time with a variety of folks doing all sorts of cool stuff. A group of us have been struggling to write questions for the social studies state assessment pilot due out this spring. (Spoiler alert: more on that later this week.)

I’ve spent time with teachers discussing social studies best practices that are aligned to the state’s recently adopted state standards. And I’ve had the opportunity to work with lots of teachers as we shared ideas and discussed ways to integrate technology into instruction.

It’s all part of what is perhaps the best job in the world. I mean, who wouldn’t enjoy themselves spending time with dedicated, amazing people who literally are changing the world?

But . . . Read more

How I survived being tech naked

It’s been a couple of weeks since my tech naked experiment. If you haven’t been around since then . . . I survived. And it wasn’t that bad. In fact, it was probably a good thing.

What is tech naked?

. . . going for an extended period of time without access to, or choosing not to access, technology such as computers, internet, social media, email, and the Apple App Store.

My wife and I drove 18 hours to Florida for a sweet vacation. I decided not to take or use technology on the way or while there. No social media updates. No laptop. No email. No Twitter updates. No hashtags. And to be honest, it was a bit unsettling. I’ve gotten used to having access to information, to people, to data.

The plan was simple. Sit on the beach. And, well . . . that’s it. I packed a serious number of books along. Stashed some magazines. Planned on some naps. And because I couldn’t hide behind a phone or iPad, I figured there would be some actual human conversation with my wife.

The verdict? Read more

What’s it like to be tech naked?

I don’t know if the term has been used before. I’m pretty sure someone else coined it long ago.

Tech naked

I’m also pretty sure that I just got blocked by 50% of all school filters. Which is a shame. I think we all need to get tech naked every once in a while. What is tech naked?

. . . going for an extended period of time without access to, or choosing not to access, technology such as computers, internet, social media, email, and the Apple App Store.

(Also no Scramble with Friends.)

And it’s a good thing. There has been some interesting research about how the misuse of technology can screw with attention span and deep thinking skills. How the use of social media can be addictive. Let’s be clear. I am a firm believer of using technology as a part of everyday life, of how powerful it can be as part of the educational process.

But . . . Read more


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