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Titanic iPad apps, 3D movie resources, and some sweet teaching materials

The 1912 sinking of the Titanic continues to fascinate us and this month’s 100th anniversary of the event has only increased the obsession some have with the event. And I admit, I am one of those who can’t get enough of the details. (My interest started with the reading of Clive Cussler’s Raise the Titanic back when I was in middle school.)

The 3D version of what my wife calls the greatest movie of all time opens this week, National Geographic magazine has the sinking on its front cover, numerous mobile/iPad/iPod apps are available, and tons of lesson plans, activities, and instrutional resources are online.

Using these resources to hook kids into thinking about geography, history, and primary sources is a good thing.

So today . . . some of the best Titanic stuff out there.


Building Titanic
With the free Building Titanic app, travel back in time and witness Titanic’s construction. You control the assembly of the majestic liner as you explore a dynamic interactive timeline and watch the great ship being built in simulated timelapse, right before your eyes.

Titanic: Hidden Expedition
On April 14, 1912, the great steamship RMS Titanic struck an iceberg and sank to the bottom of the icy Atlantic Ocean. The fictional Titanic Museum has hired you to recover artifacts from the wreckage. Plunge into an epic expedition as you search for hidden objects scattered among the remains of the most renowned shipwreck in history!

Titanic Dock
This app holds a wealth of information about the RMS Titanic, from the first bolt put in place in Ireland to her demise in the icy North Atlantic.

Titanic 2012
This interactive app consists of a three-part immersive journey that reveals the complexity of the tragic story, users can investigate, challenge, and relive some of the key decisions and turning points of the ship’s history.


Updated 4/11/2012

Resources for Titanic’s Centennial
A great list of stuff from the TeachingHistory site with links to primary sources and artifacts.

The Best Sites for Learning About the Titanic
How could I forget Larry Ferlazzo? The guy is a website finding guru. He’s got a great list of resources here.

Titanic Science
Visitors become immersed in a first hand exploration of the collision, sinking and ultimate fate of the great ship. You will feel the impact as you view actual artifacts recovered from Titanic’s wreck site miles below the North Atlantic and learn the true stories of her passengers and crew.

Created by the National Museum of Northern Ireland, this site provides great primary sources resources, oral histories,  links to teaching materials, and lets you explore the area where the Titanic was built.

Titanic Revisited: National Geographic
Robert Ballard describes going back to the wreckage site 19 years after first discovering it. Includes numerous links, interactive activities, video, and resources.

Titanic: 3D Movie Meets Historical Underwater Mystery
Washington Post’s Issues in the News

Lesson Plans and Activities:

100 Years Later: Ways to Teach About the Titanic with the Times
New York Times
Grades 5-12

The RMS Titanic sank on this day in 1912
Read Write Think
Grades 3-12

The Titanic: Shifting Responses to Its Sinking
Library of Congress
Grades 6-12

Sleuthing for a Lost Ship
National Geographic
Grades 6-8

Classroom Lesson Plans and Educational Activities
Melbourne Museum
Grades 3-6

Educational Resources
National Geographic
Grades K-12

Titanic Teaching Tools
ThinkFinity (type Titanic into search box)

Titanic Lesson Plans and Ideas
The Teacher’s Guide Grades K-12

Titanic Resources for Teachers and Kids
Mr. Donn’s
Grades 3-12

Extra! Extra! Titanic Sinks
Grades 3-5

Titanic Artifact Activity
Grades 4-9

Titanic Classroom Activities
Media Awareness Network
Grades 4-12

Titanic Educational Resources for Teachers, Parents and Kids
Brimful Activities
Grades 3-12

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