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Need some NatGeo goodness? Try one of these 49 tasty videos

If you haven’t bookmarked Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites of the Day page yet, well . . . I’ll wait. Head over and take care of that.

Larry teaches ELL and mainstream kids in California while maintaining Websites of the Day, writing for the New York Times and Washington Post, teaching undergrad ed classes, and hosts a weekly podcast. And it’s all awesome.

I share this because I’m always finding something new and cool on Larry’s site. Yesterday was no different.

He highlighted a National Geographic YouTube channel that NatGeo calls 101 Videos. As in, your basic Intro to Whatever 101 class. So you get 49 quick and easy to use video clips perfect for instruction and learning.  As in History 101: The Protestant Reformation or Wildfires 101 or Manchu Picchu 101.

You get the idea.

This is an awesome place for you and your kids – especially if you’re a geographic teacher. If you’re working with current events, ditto. But as we start to blend more and more social studies problem-based learning with ELA, math, and science, there’s a lot of potential here for all of us.

When you’ve finished window shopping through the 101 Videos, be sure to browse through all of their channels for more NatGeo goodness including: their main YouTube page, the Explorer pageOrigins: The Journey of Humankindand the very cool 360 Nat Geo kids page.

Thanks Larry. You the man!

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