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Tip of the Week: Joe Harmon and shared Social Studies PLN goodness

I love Twitter. And I love Google.

So when Dr. Joe Harmon posted his idea on Twitter for a collaborative Social Studies resource Google folder, it was the perfect day. Taking advantage of my Twitter PLN and the awesome #sschat hashtag. Using Google Drive to share, view, and use teaching and learning resources. The only way it could have gotten any better was if Roy’s Pit BBQ had delivered some ribs and toast while I sat there getting smarter.

This is what the Internet was designed to do and what we should be using it for – connecting people and ideas in ways that make the world a better place. What does this look like in this specific case? Social Studies lessons, resources, hyperdocs, templates, activities, tools, and ideas submitted by teachers and posted in a shared online folder. All connected together via Twitter and Google.

The Google Folder that Dr. Joe created is open to everyone to view.

But if you’ve got some great stuff that you want to share, he’ll give you access so that you can add to the collection. Simply Direct Message him and he’ll get you set up. Just a reminder – with great power, comes great responsibility. You get the idea. Post useful stuff. Put it in the right subfolder. You’re adding, not deleting. It’s a shared folder so keep things where they belong. Everybody’s happy.

And everybody’s smarter. The perfect combo of social media and Google tools.

Thanks Dr. Joe, you da man!


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