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  1. Michael Yell #

    Excellent blog Glenn! I especially loved the quote from Ginott; I recall seeing him on talk shows when I was young and really loving his messages. That is a quote I’ll keep close

    I also resonated to your comment regarding SHEG’s digital work. The old CRAP standards are, well, crap; what I love about the SHEG approach is learning to use the web to evaluate the web and comparing websites as a fact checker does.

    I recently blogged on the NCSS Connected site about the importance of scholarly work in the classroom and gave SHEG my first, and largest, shoutout.

    May 23, 2018
    • glennw #

      It’s always good to hear from you – thanks for checking in! And, yes, I love SHEG. The idea of going “lateral” to evaluate info makes so much sense and it’s something that we can teach kids to do.

      Your article looks great – will read in depth later today. Thanks for sharing! (But I did enough quick browsing to read your disclaimer at the bottom – “. . . but I am, after all, a middle school teachers.” Nice!)

      Thanks for the comment and have a great week!


      May 23, 2018

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